My Story

Hello beautiful people! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a student at Simmons College in Boston, MA studying Retail Management with big dreams of going into the fashion industry.  I am originally from a small town in CT so city life was a big leap, but one that I am so happy I made!  That adorable little girl in the photo below next to me is my younger sister, Meili.  Though she may not know it, she was one of the biggest inspirations of this blog.  Everything I do, I strive to do my best for her, to be the best role model that I know I have to be.  

This blog is meant to show everyone that you can Be That Beauty in every situation; when you walk into a meeting and kill it with your innovative ideas, when you enter a new job or school and you show everyone that you are a force to be reckon with, or just simply day to day walking with your head held high!  I am inspired by everything in the world around me and I'm ready to show everyone what I've got, are you with me?