A Little Wednesday Inspiration

The fact that Halloween is in a week is quite the crazy idea!  It seems like it was only yesterday I was in TJ Maxx wondering why all of the fall decorations were out!

This semester has really kicked off quick, I consistently get asked if I actually sleep because I juggle so much.  I think the important thing to remember, however, is why we do these sorts of things.

I have an ultimate goal of owning my own company, and I know that to get there, I have to work extremely hard now to get to a good place in my career.  Of course there are days where I just want to give up and stop going, but I don't.  

I keep going because I am a powerful business woman, I am a leader, I am a future boss, and I am a role model.  And guess what? Many of you reading this are too.  Keep it up beauties and when the world gets tough, get tougher and show everyone what you're made of!