Dare to Venture a Little Further

Being back in Boston has some huge advantages!  While I love the serenity of my beautiful home in Connecticut, there's something so thrilling about having one of America's greatest cities at my finger tips!  This year, I made a promise to myself to take advantage of the city, push my boundaries, and discover the things that make Boston as incredible as it is.

It is incredible the things you can discover when you decide to just explore and see what is out there! I have begun to make a name for myself doing this!

Here's the thing beauties, you can be the people in the background, or you can be the person making things happen.  It's that simple. 


Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor

A true hidden gem in this never sleeping city


Here's a little inspiration for you:

Do not ever, ever, consider giving up.  You'll find your place, you'll discover the person you are meant to be.  Give yourself the time you need to grow, and you'll find your way.


Top: Garage http://www.garageclothing.com/us/cat/sale-tops

Jeans: American Eagle (My go to and my favorite)