The Transitional Trench Coat and Why You Need One in Your Closet

I had been on the search for a great trench coat for so long, and decided to wander into Nordstrom Rack one afternoon; I found this gem!  I wanted black, as that is a color I usually always wear, and I felt it would be more versatile.  

The biggest issue I had was that I am petite, so finding a coat that was not too long on me presented its challenges.  Trust me when I said there was a pile of coats beside me as I tried to make up my mind.

Something else I was looking for was how transitional this trench could be!  This coat being waterproof has also proven to have its benefits!

Something else I love about this coat is it looks equally good unbuttoned as it does buttoned!  I was worried about finding a coat that would fall funny if I decided to wear it open and this coat does not disappoint!

I have been really into ripped jeans lately, can you tell I can't wait for nice spring weather?!  This Ann Taylor LOFT top pairs perfectly, adding some fun texture to the outfit!  Not a fan of crop tops?  Tanks work just as well for this look!

As always, I'm a fan of pairing a pop of color and a pair of heels!  My pink Kate Spade bag is my go to anytime I want to add some color interest in my wardrobe!

And as always, here is a little inspiration for you beauties!  As the semester is coming to a close, and I am going to begin a huge adventure in taking steps towards my career in fashion, I sometimes find myself feeling a bit worried, wondering if I am making the right choices and doing the right thing.  And here is the advice from my mom (bless her for putting up with me all the time); "You are never going to know until you try, so just go for it.  You never really fail unless you don't try!"  And guess what beauties, Mom is always right! xoxo


All of the gorgeous photography by: Jillian Jennett